February 3, 2014

Daily Draw Feburary #2/3: Poison Ivy and Too Many Colors

Made some major changes to the layout sketch and comped in some colors before I start on final linework.  Biggest change was the removal of the sake flask/dishes in favor of flower arranging stuff.  The idea in the old version was that she was poisoning a drink (obviously wasn’t clear in the rough).  

The three main motifs I wanted were poison, flower arranging, and archery.  In the old version all of those motifs were a separate idea/object.  She would be poisoning a drink, there’s be flowers in the background, and archery stuff.  The solution I found was to combine them together into an action; using flower arranging to make poison to use with archery.  It’s so much easier to just add “stuff” to a scene rather than create a narrative idea; I have to fight the urge.

Not sure about the colors yet.  I experimented with black hair and how that read but it was too vague for my tastes.  Of course the reddish hair is going to cause its own problems.  Obviously it’s a major contributor to the color palette that would otherwise be ignored.  Also I’m not sure how I’ll tackle the rendering/linework on it because generally ukiyo-e hair styles were done with a solid block of black ink that would have lines cut out of it which is how the finer linework was achieved.  I’ll need to see if I can find any examples of non-black hair and how that’s handled.

Background is going to span three images so it’s going to say rough until I have color layouts for all three.

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